Chapter History

Goshen Mills Chapter NSDAR held its organizing meeting on June 9, 1977. There were thirteen organizing members. The name for the chapter is taken from the twin mills which were located on the Goshen Branch of Great Seneca Creek, just north of the present-day intersection of Brink and Goshen Roads in Montgomery County (near Gaithersburg). In 1798, the General Assembly of Maryland created five election districts in Montgomery County, and the Goshen Mills location was selected as the polling place for District Number 1, known as Cracklin District. 

The Cracklin District land was rich, fertile, and well suited to growing corn and wheat. The Goshen Mills became the landmark of a community that included homes, farms, and churches. Local residents met under an elm tree to discuss causes, debate politics, hold town meetings and learn local news. The “Meeting” or “Politicians'” tree became famous in Goshen history.

The tree survived until approximately 1983; and in the spring of 1990, the chapter planted a new elm tree at the Historic Goshen Church near where the original mills and tree stood.

A history of the mills, nearby houses, farms, and church, which was compiled by the chapter in 1983, is available in the library of the Montgomery County Historical Society. Goshen, Maryland: Its History and People, authored by A.G. Boggs, was published in 1994.